Warning: Scammer Mike Schwalbach is Active Again!


Mike Schwalbach is known for his wicked scamming activities. These days, this scamming guru is active again, and he is using the same “internet” for achieving his goals again. Being someone who uses the internet frequently you have to keep yourself aware and away from such scammers. At the end of the day, they aren’t going to bring any relief for you. They are bad, and they are operating for filling their own pockets. Don’t consider it correct whatever they are calming. You as the head of your family are responsible for their safety and security.

The dangers related to the internet

The internet, in general terms, is one of the best things that exists in this world. However, it isn’t the safest one.  We can speak a lot on this subject. But, this article is related to Mike Schwalbach and his scamming, and that’s why we are going to keep it limited. Mike is one of the biggest faders we have seen in some years. What he do is quite complicated and that is why everyone cannot identify him that quickly. He is a terrible person and doesn’t have a kind heart for anyone. On the other hand, the internet is full of scammers and posters. All of them are trying to strip their victims. Sometimes, even worst situations do arise when people are blackmailed. Hacking and cracking have also become a routine thing. Special software programs called spyware are used for the collection of very personal information.


Never Pay Anything to Start Making Money

Mike Schwalbach and similar scammers try to sell their shit in the form of services and programs. They make big promises and tell their users about the possibility of making huge sums by a little initial investment. Truly speaking, it’s ridiculous. Here, ask yourself this simple question.  If they have such super capabilities then why they are trying to achieve sales? Why they are pressing others for the purchase of their services. Yes! We are sure, Mike Schwalbach and his counterparts can never answer this question. You may be offered with certain stupid kind of explanations. But no real answer could ever be expected from them because they don’t have it

What is wrong with Mike Schwalbach and his Venture Advidi?

In our view, everything! Whatever is claimed on their website don’t have to do anything with the reality. They are scammers who are trying to trap people by making unrealistic promises. So, don’t trust them. Apart from this, the growing number of complaints against them are making their business a suspicious one. Yes! You may find some happy users who got some payments from Advidi. Still, it doesn’t make them trustworthy. Paying one or two users out of thousands is another tactic that is used by such scammers for the betterment of their image. In short, Mike Schwalbach and his fellows are not eligible traders.


Don’t Get Disappointed

Well, this article is not intended to spread disappointments. However, we believe it is our duty, and we will keep educating our readers. Still, interested in earning some money online? Well, trust us! There are thousands of quality vendors operating online. Affiliate marketing is something very profitable – for those who are doing it right.  This is one thing that people like Mike are using in their favor. In case if you are one of his victims than don’t worry. Go to the official website of United States Anti-Fraud Department.  There, you will be able to submit a complaint. Still, many things are not clear about Mike Schwalbach and his identity, and that is why he is operating freely. We believe, he cannot escape jail.


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