Mike Schwalbach – Deserves Imprisonment



Mike Schwalbach is still operating freely, and there are several complications in this case. First of all, we don’t know a lot about this guy and his real identity. Apart from this, technically speaking whatever money he is looting from the subjects of his fraud is acquired under a legal cover. Here let us tell you something imperative. Whenever you buy anything from anywhere on the internet, the payments are made by a third party. Thus, Mike Schwalbach himself remains out of the scene. In addition to this, hidden terms and conditions which are usually “agreed” by users carelessly are used as a weapon by scammers.


Always Read, “Terms and Conditions.”

We know it is too boring, and complicated stuff. But, without reading it carefully, we do nothing but strengthen our enemies. No one can sue them in the court of the law because technically it’s the user after all who pays willfully. We believe we all should handle this stuff carefully and seriously. Almost every fake product and service being sold online is made to look legitimate using complicated procedures.


Mike Schwalbach – Sure Scammer!

These days mike is pursuing Advidi – so-called affiliate marketing service. By employing general resources on their website and other documents, they are trying to achieve individual goals. Whenever a user gets trapped by them is asked for the submission of an initial fee. According to them, Advidi is all about online money making. We cannot understand if it is really about moneymaking then why they are asking for money? They could allow the user to make a temporary account and later they can deduct their fee from his or her earnings. But in this case, it is not happening, and no such offer is being made. That is why we are not sure about the legitimacy of this affiliate marketing system


Mike Schwalbach & his Looting Activities

A few days ago we read something about mike and his so-called affiliate marketing company. The claims we saw on they were excellent, and thus we initiated a probe on them. Now, after the completion of our just and unbiased investigations, we are ready to share the findings with our readers. In our view, mike is doing nothing new. What he did is identical to the things that other scammers do. They seduce troubled people and make them dream about the quick change in their lifestyle. Many, who don’t know much about the complexities of the stuff like internet marketing and binary options trading become their victims. In this case, things are a bit different


Mike is a dangerous scammer

Yes! Absolute fast and in fact the model of this scammers business is passing us for placing him among leading and the most dangerous scammer. What he is doing is a combination of several trapping tactics. By using the name of affiliate marketing, he has tried to give his rector a legitimate look. However, it isn’t something truth based. In our view, he and his company don’t have anything to do with the affiliate marketing. They are trying to trap people by reminding them their shortcomings. So don’t trust him nor any one of his products.


Mike is not trustworthy

Have you ever seen a legitimate enterprise who doesn’t want to share his or her real information? In real life, people engaged in any business are used to maintain the good connection. However, in this case, things are different. No one knows about mike, his net worth, and background. What all we know about him is too less to consider him a real entrepreneur. In this case, we cannot see anything promising. Our readers should keep themselves away from mine and his so called marketing firm Advidi.



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