Stay Away from Mike Schwalbach – He is a Fraud!


Mike Schwalbach is a big liar. He is a scammer, and all of his scamming activities are done using the internet. Well, we are not against the modernization nor the internetworking. However, we cannot let anyone allow for looting others. Our kids and innocent teenagers, our senior citizens and almost everyone who goes online is at a risk of becoming a victim of Mike Schwalbach and others like him. So, don’t waste your time and money by sticking with such people. They are working on their agendas. They don’t have any good intention towards you nor your poverty. Don’t rely on anyone especially online.

The Internet is a Dangerous Place to Be

Apart from its several benefits, their internet does have some inherited dangers as well. On the one hand, this place is open for everyone while on the other hand, we don’t know whose monitoring us.  With the passage of time, the magnitude and the impact of the attacks done online is increasing. According to the official resources, millions of innocent users are looked online – a number that’s increasing with the passage of time. Thus, we cannot take this subject for granted. We have to educate our kids our women and our elders. However, it is something that cannot be done without the taking of an initiative.


Take the initiative Right now! Report Mike Schwalbach

Yes! Reporting Mike Schwalbach and others like him is our responsibility. By doing so, we can make our internet a better place to learn, to do business and to get ourselves entertained. In today`s modern world, there is nothing more important than the web. In fact, we cannot even consider the world without it. From education to the marketing and from medical to the defense, its implementation is everywhere. Individuals are making thousands of dollars by working online and without even stepping out of their homes. In our view, the stakes are very high, and we have to deal with the issue effectively. Almost every country in the world has some laws and regulations for handling internet related scamming activities. Now people like Mike Schwalbach cannot get a way out. Start reporting him and his team.

Advidi is a Real Scam!

Mike Schwalbach is a cruel person. What he`s doing is much different than what other scammers are used to doing. He is operating a so-called marketing company called Advidi. By doing this, he is trying to trap both the individuals and businesses. For individuals, he is calling Advidi a place to earn cash by marketing for others aka affiliate marketing. As far as companies are concerned, he is offering his platform and trying to market it as a useful advertising agency. In real, not even a single one out of his claims is true about Advidi. This company is a hoax. Go online and there you will be able to find thousands of complainants who are still waiting for their first paycheck.

I want to do Affiliate Marketing

Well, affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient ways – only marketers can take for making some real cash. However, you don’t need people like Mike Schwalbach for doing this. According to a recent report published on RipOff, this man, and his mates looted hundreds of innocent users by making claims – that are inconceivable practically. Please, keep all your sense and emotions composed. We know, and we understand, running out of cash is a troublesome situation. But, by taking actions in a wrong direction, you will be making the situation harder for yourself and your loved ones. In our view, whatever Mile is a bad guy and everyone should stay away from him.



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